Slow Food & Fair Trade

EN | Why only pay thoughts to what you eat when you’re starting a diet? Slow food as the opposite of fast food means that you deal with your own nutrition. I visited the Slow Food & Fair Trade Exhibition and want to share my impressions with you.

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Besides all the tasty things to try and buy at the slow food exhibition, the topics ranged from the food production to fair trade. The prices are higher, but you can be sure that those goods are organic and the producers are paid fairly. You might automatically enjoy the meals so much more, which is exactly the aim. Instead of „cooking“ manufactured foods with too short time to think about it, you will pay your food the attention it deserves. Hopefully, our consumption and for example our views on animal products, especially meat, will get better again soon!


What We can do

In the brochure of the SlowFoodYouth community, they give tipps on how to instantly improve one’s habits. It is really about buying products from local farmers and to avoid manufactured products. If you completely cook the meals by yourself, you’ll be better aware of our consumption and habits towards food. And it is healthier as well!

Not long ago, there was a movie about how food is thrown in the trash. Now, the reporter made another movie about whether or not, and if so, how the 10 billion people that will live on our planet in the not too distant future might get full. Alas, I didn’t see the movie myself, yet a friend of mine said it was very good so I’ll watch as soon as possible and advise you to watch it as well! :)

slow food fair trade was wir tun können what we can do



In the brochures and on the posters at the exhibition, we found a lot of helpful links for German web sites. I’m sure you’ll also find sources in English, and if you can also speak German, you’ll find them here (and you can also read this article in German btw^^):

>> http://

slow food fair trade exhibition

↓↓↓ What are your favourite health foods, are you cooking by yourself and what do you think about Slow Food and Fair Trade? Let me and the other readers know! :) ↓↓↓


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