Today, let’s… IMAGINE DRAGONS.

Imagine Dragons live on the Night Visions concert


On Top of the World
On Top of the World

Nearly one year ago, on 11/12/13, I went to the Night Vision’s concert of Imagine Dragons. I just watched the video I filmed while being there, and oh boy, how I cried (that’s why I seldom watch it and it is also so embarrassing to admit). I can’t fathom any better concert that they have ever done or will ever do than this evening at the PIER 2 in Bremen, Germany. I don’t listen to the album so much anymore, because I don’t want to get used to it, and I’m so sad because I know that for me, there can’t and never will be a better one.


Working Man
Working Man

It’s worse. When I try to put in words how much I love the music, I simply can’t. I am speechless, because no words could provide what I would need to say. I can simply tell the story:

Never have I seen any interview or video of theirs, never have I seen a performance or tv show before I actually went to the concert. The management and the band probably never spent any penny on me falling in deep admiration to their songs and music. Before visiting the concert, I didn’t even know their names ( – now I know! There is Dan Reynolds, the singer, Wayne Sermon as the guitarist, Ben McKee as bassist and Daniel Platzman at the drums! – ) and I didn’t follow them on any social media. But still – since the first song I ever heard of theirs, I knew the feeling that they are my favourite band would never fade, and it didn’t.


I liked Radioactive, just like so many people did, and then I heard Demons and knew they were like me as I could so much relate to it (thus I was very sceptic that it was put out as a single so that everyone hyped it while it had such a deep meaning, which is also good, but you get what I mean).

Their music is perfect and so enjoyable for any person with a complete pitch, and I felt connected to the lyrics the second I heard them. They speak to me on such a deep level which, as I already said, simply cannot be explained. You just know that


Nothing left to say
Nothing left to say

I just know that they are.

It is like talking about a zeitgeist or a wavelength – it is beyond our ability to specify and categorise. I can embrace their songs with all of my being and when finally seeing them on stage, it came to me that they were actually real, and nothing has ever felt more real, and they weren’t only music anymore but people I could see and hear directly. Suddenly I saw them, and their strength and presence happened right before my eyes. Unbelievable. Behind their strong and vulnerable songs were strong and vulnerable human beings.

Every Night
Every Night

The concert was the best evening of my life which spoils the rest of it, and I hope it never gets old.



How strange that we talk about special talents to be the „other thing“ in comparison to an ordinary, neat life. All the emotions are so close to me and it is overwhelming to think that what I feel and think in the depths of my soul is what they have put out there.

I can relate to their art by one hundred percent and I know I have to keep that dear. I have to never forget, never let go, and always remember that this is the fibre and tissue we’re made of and that completes. us.

It's time
It’s time


the hours I spent travelling in trains and busses in the rain and sunshine, in all seasons and weathers, because this was exactly the time I found them. Every time I listen to them, pictures appear inside my head, as they inspire me so much. When I finally read something about them, I found a phrase to perfectly describe what they meant to me. It said that they wrote about their own struggles in life to help and cheer up others. In my opinion, that’s exactly what they do, and what their music does to me. I think I do understand, and I think I can relate to it. The whole experience encourages me and lets me see what is truly important in life.


Thank you for reading this melodramatic appreciation I wrote at 3 am in the morning. :)

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