Fair Play: Prologue

There are three options that you can decide on in your life before it is too late and you end up being nothing. During your early childhood, the decision might me made for you by your parents which pretend to know best and refuse to let you take none of all. The three options you can opt are music or another art, sports and school.

Alex was born with many exceptional capabilities, but having to face the burden of being an all-round talent, somehow her path wasn’t always as easy as it looked at the first glance. She had the absolute pitch and her family owned a piano, but she wasn’t forced to play any instrument, so she ended up being an average singer never mentioning the hidden talent. She also had strong instincts and quick reflexes, but as she was more a persistent than an athletic type, she wasn’t expected to be good at any sport, so she participated in ballet for only two years and riding horses all her life yet as a leisure time activity which she skipped when she got too busy and out of priorities. So the decision which defined her life was being good at school, a priority which out of her natural competitiveness, she sorted upon any other aspect of her life, even her friends. Starting in early age, she was aware of the possibilities she had with educational success. Alex strived for independence as soon as she could think for herself, thus there was no discussion about which course to take or which school to go to, as she made those decisions on her own, never facing any obstacles.

Yet, with any option that is taken, there is always a time of change coming along, which often happens when growing up or reaching another level. In her case, Alex ended up with her a level exams and nowhere to go, as the path she had always went along before could never show her the way of how to reach dreams. She never took her desires for realistic or possible and for a very long time, her dreams stayed exactly what they were, without her reaching for them – until there was nothing left that she was proud of, because she felt empty and lost inside.

Taking chances was more a romantic imagination than real life for her. Her personality was varied, with more facets than she could ever count, thus she had always been able to just fit in, never being outstanding or special, which gave her the possibility to change like the weather but refused to show her who she truly was.


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